Ham Radio Repeater Build
March 2014
Over the past few years I've acquired enough spare parts to assemble a 440 repeater. This is still a work in progress with lots to do, but the basic parts are operational. 
Homebrew 19 inch rack built
Hamtronics RX and TX in RF tight boxes
Bargain switching power supply
Motorola duplexer and Anderson Power Pole 12VDC distribution
Arcom RC210 repeater controller
Still lots to add and wire management to be done
Finshed Repeater
Arcom RC210 Controller
30 Amp 12VDC Power Supply
Hamtronics 440 RX and TX
Frequency agile TM271A remote and 220 link radio
Anderson Power Pole power distirbution panel
Motorola Duplexer
TPL 440 Amplifier