Cypress Mountain Remote Base
Here are some recent photos of repairs made to the Cypress Mountain remote base as taken during August and September of 2022.
During May of 2022 the DC to DC converter failed which caused a DC spike.. The Hamtronics TA-51 220mHz exciter board final output transistor took the brunt of it. The back of the PC board was repeaired and the transistor was replaced.
The little board to the right was also replaced. It's a TIP42 transistor switch that sends 13 volts to the transmitter when the 220 receiver becomes active.
Bench testing the repaired transmitter. It is running two watts for one continuous hour with a consistant 349 milliamps of current. In other words, the new transistor should run warm, but not hot, in continuous duty.
My return trip to reinstall the transmitter happened to be a drizzly morning. There was some solder to be done in the field so I improvised with the tarp.
A second battery has been added so the system now has a 250AH supply of AGM batteries.
A check of the solar charge controller shows all okay, even on a cloudy morning.
During testing  I noticed quite a bit of desense which was due to a bad cable which was replaced.
WIth the extra battery in place I reinstalled the 10 watt 220mHz amplifier. I backed off the exciter so the output into the duplexer is 9 watts (varies a bit based on solar charging conditions).
All done and packed up, ready to head down the hill.