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220 Remote Base Rennovation
It was time again to clean up the Cypress remote base.  There were a few things not working as they should and I wanted to make a few improvements. So I pulled the radio rack out of its little "vault" and hauled it home for a rennovation. I had thought it would be back in a few short weeks, but delayed parts and the weather had a different schedule, so I just took my time..Below are the chnages.
Replace The Half-Duplex Link Radio

This radio connects Cypress Mountain with La Panza Peak,which is fifty miles away as the crow flies. The prior radio is quite old and has been in service for years which is probably why it became unreliable. A couple of times over the years it would slip off channel, something that requires a road trip to correct. So I replaced it with a  new Yaesu FTM-6000.  I selected the Yaesu because it has a factory installed jack for packet radio. This makes the connection to the Arcom repeater controller much easier because the outputs for packet include all of the necessary connections (Tx AF, Rx AF, COS and PTT). I'll I needed to do was build a cable to connect the Yaesu to the controller.
Controller to Radio Cable
Bench Testing the FTM-6000 Below the TM-271A
Testing in the Rack
Kenwood TM-271A Remote Control Scan Modification
The Arcom controller provides frequency agile control of the TM-271A but doesn't have any scan control. Scanning from a mountain top with remote control to start and stop the scanning is a powerful way to monitor the 2 meter band without having to manually enter frequencies.  The "how to" instructions are provided on this page.